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BX16 - 16 Channel 1GHz Logic Analyzer

BX16 shipment was scheduled to commence in November 2015. We have decided that the (working) software needs more attention and shipment has been put back to early 2016.

BX16 Debugging an Arduino

BX16 instrument


BX16 + USB Cable + Probe Cables


BX16 + USB Cable + Probe Cables + Grabbers


You can increase the number of units at the checkout stage.

BX16 Debugging an Arduino
BX16 Debugging an ST board
BX16 Logic Analyzer
BX16 Connectors
BX16 on USB

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Saving time. That's what the BX16 is all about. When the fastest way forwards is to see exactly what is going on in the circuit before you. And affordable!

You use a logic analyzer when you need to see signals the same way your digital circuit sees them, when you need the option of complex triggering, and when you need many channels. These are the tasks that the BX16 excels at.

A logic analyzer is essentially a multi-channel version of a digital oscilloscope, with the difference that a logic analyzer recognises two logic levels - 0 and 1. And the BX16 implements much more complex triggering than oscilloscopes.


A standout feature of the BX16 is the built-in sample compression. The sixteen input channels on the BX16 are divided into two groups, each group having eight channels. All input channels are sampled simultaneously, and then each 8-channel group is compressed separately by storing repeated value counts. This means that unused channel groups require very little storage. If only one channel group is active, virtually the entire storage is devoted to that group, allowing the instrument to store 8K transitions, which can easily be millions of samples.

Control Panel Software

Computer Requirements

What you get

BX16 Instrument Only

BX16 plus USB Cable plus Probe Cables

Micro-USB is the cable used on most modern smart phones, tablets and e-readers. We include a short (50cm) cable. You will probably want to swap this short cable with a longer lead from your cable collection. We do not include a long lead - such a lead would add significantly to the shipping weight and the overwhelming majority of users already possess a micro-USB lead of a suitable length.

BX16 plus USB Cable plus Probe Cables plus Grabbers

Documentation and Downloads

BX App


Please note that the BX16 is high-performance test equipment. It is designed for users who are familiar with electronic design and debugging, and familiar with the usual safety precautions when working with electronic equipment.

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